Posted by: Anonymous Me | April 7, 2012

Finally, I Go A-Travelling…

For the first time since I moved to Scotland, I got the opportunity to travel outside of Edinburgh and took a day trip to some sites in the Scottish borders, the region directly south of Edinburgh.

On some of the pictures, I have changed the color and/or contrast in an attempt to be more artsy with my photography. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, I had a ton of good info with the pictures, and then when I deleted one of the pictures from the slideshow (the last picture as luck would have it), all of the information was lost…So, I have included links to the sites where I found it so you can browse at your leisure.

Traquair House, the oldest continuously inhabited house in Scotland – Go here.
Old Temple Kirk – Go here.
Melrose Abbey – Go here or here.
Jedburgh Abbey – Go here, here, or here.


Me 😉


  1. Very nice Jenny. I am jealous. You did a good job with photo’s. Love Mom

  2. Very cool photos missy! Hope you had a great Easter weekend!! ❤ me!

  3. Very very cool! Beautiful pictures, and I do love me some scottish castles!!! 😀

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