Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 16, 2012

Listography 2011 – Lists 42-52

Hi, all,

I know I promised more frequenting posts and have yet to deliver. I am trying to reduce costs and so have cut my internet at home. The Edinburgh Public Library Wi-Fi has been down, and I’ve been being lazy and not going up to school to use the Wi-Fi there. However, I will be getting off my duff to walk up here more often, so my promises are not empty! 😉 Anyhoo…I have a backlog of posts to wrap up 2011…So, for the next few days, I will be travelling back to last year, aka 2 1/2 weeks ago. 😀

Finishing up this ‘project’…

42 – List who you thought was the coolest growing up.
I am pretty sure I thought my older brother was the awesomest person I knew. Thankfully, he’s still pretty fab.

43 – List your favorite car models.
’82 Corvette Stingray, hands down…Collector’s Edition specifically. 😀 (One day, my lovely, you will be mine!)

I also enjoy the Corvette Mako Shark and Corvette Manta Ray. Two Batmobiles to go, please!

Mako Shark

Manta Ray

44 – List couples you were sad to see break up.
Hmm…I don’t think about this sort of thing too much, but I guess Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

45 – List your favorite horror villains.
Hmm…Well, I am not big into horror movies for a variety of reasons, but in terms of just regular bad guys, I find Samuel L. Jackson’s character in ‘Unbreakable’ to be intriguing.

46 – List what issues are foremost on your mind.
Money and employment, obvs! 😉

47 – List what you remember about your childhood home.
Aww! Such a sensitive topic! My mom sold our house this summer. I fully support her decision, so I was shocked when I drove by the house when I was back for Christmas that I had to turn around asap because I was in heavy sobs! I was not expecting that kind of reaction AT ALL. Everything about it is great! I miss you, House!

48 – List what you’re thankful for.
I am thankful for everything and everyone in my life.

49 – 30th – List all the teachers you can remember.
1st Grade – Ms. Hartmann
2nd Grade – Mrs. Wilson
3rd Grade – Mrs. Saxby, Mrs. Anthony for math
4th Grade – Mrs. Holtz, Mrs. Waddill for math, Mrs. Darden for GATE
Mr. McPeek – PE, Mrs. Dodd – music (all four years of elementary)
5th Grade – Mrs. Harvey – homeroom and science, Mr. Brewer – math, Ms. Araki – language arts, Mrs. Rogers – social studies, Mrs. Barry – art, Mr. Martin – PE, Mrs. Hamala – Computer Literacy, and Ms. Minor for music.
6th Grade – Mrs. Swaney – homeroom and social studies, Mrs. Alvarado – science, Mrs. Routledge – math, Mrs. Warner – language arts, Mr. King – band, PE, computer, art – same peeps as above
7th Grade – Sra Brown – Spanish, Ms. Lowe – History, Mrs. Browning – math, Mrs. Roberts – science, Ms. Slade – English, Mr. King – band, With the PE teacher, again, I can’t remember her name, but I can so see her face! I think it was Mrs. Martin (no relation to Mr. Martin who I had the year before.)
8th Grade – Sra Hounsel – Spanish, Mr. Corcoran – history, Mrs. Sutherland – English, Mrs. Thompson – math, Mr. King – band, Mrs. McFarren – theatre arts, and for science, I seriously have no recollection…I think it was Mrs. Nieswander. I do remember we dissected baby sharks on tables set up outside, and that it was on a day we went on a field trip with the band b/c I was wearing my band “uniform” (band polo shirt and black pants) (p.s. I fully acknowledge the randomness of the previous statement) ☺.
9th Grade – Mr. Rowden – band, Mrs. Wietzel – Spanish, Mrs. Morrison – English, Ms. Polk – history, Mrs. Woods -physical science, Mrs. Wiley – math, and there was a 7th but I have clue who or what class it was. GRR! → Seriously, I cannot express how much it annoys me to not be able to remember this!!
10th Grade – Mrs. McFarling – English, Mr. V – band, Mrs. Watson – Spanish, Mrs. Martin (another one) – biology, Mrs. Wofford – Algebra, Mr. Fielding – Computer Science, Mrs. Outsz – Latin,
11th Grade – Mrs. Louis-Ray – English, Mrs. Wietzel – Spanish, Mrs. Outsz – Latin, Ms. Lively – Chemistry, Mrs. Peterson – pre-calculus, Ms. Creamer – dance, Mrs. McHargue – American history, Mrs. Gregory – European history, Mr. Rowden – band
12th Grade – Mr. Merrill – band, Mr. G – English, Mr. Pierce – Anatomy & Physiology, Mrs. Creamer – dance team, Mrs. Morrison – teacher’s aide, Mrs. Cartmell – calculus, Mrs. Watson – Spanish, Mrs. Adamson – economics, Mrs. Richey – government

50 – List your least favorite animals.
I like all animals, as long as they’re not grody or heeby. I fully support animals who are grody and/or heeby as long as they are NOT in my vicinity while being so. 🙂 (Spiders, worms, and the like I am talking to you!)

51 – List the animals you’ve adopted.
I’ve never bought a pet with the exception of the dog my mom bought when I was in high school (RIP, Blue!).

52 – List your wish list.
Dear Universe,
Please send a well-paying job post haste.
Me 😉



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