Posted by: Anonymous Me | November 30, 2011

Happy St. Andrew’s Day!

It is time for Scots around the world to celebrate their Scottish heritage as they honor the feast day of Scotland’s patron saint! Huzzah!

So, how did one of the 12 disciples, born in Galilee and martyred in Greece, come to be associated with Scotland?

According to this site, ‘Legend tells that Emperor Constantine the Great planned to take St Andrew’s bones from Patras [Greece] to Constantinople [insert that song from They Might Be Giants]. A monk named Regulus was warned by an angel of the Emperor’s plan. In a dream the angel told Regulus to hide an arm bone, a tooth, a part of one knee and some fingers of St Andrew.

The monk did as the angel said and the Emperor took the rest of St Andrew’s bones. Again the angel appeared and told the monk Regulus to sail north to the ends of the earth. There, his boat would be wrecked but Regulus would find a safe haven.

Regulus and a group of holy men were at sea for many months. They sailed further and further north until their boat struck rocks off the coast of Fife (a bit north of Edinburgh). The monk stepped out onto the shore of Pictland at a place called Muckross or Kilryment, bearing the relics of St Andrew.’

Should you be desperate to participate in honoring St. Andrew and your Scottish heritage but be lacking in bagpipes, tartan, or Scottish national flags (aka the Saltire, a symbol of the martyrdom of St. Andrew), you can always indulge in some homemade traditional Scottish cuisine! To find out how to make Herring in Oatmeal, Haggis, Sausage Plait, among other Scottish delicacies, click here. NOM! 😉

Happy St. Andrew’s Day from chilly, rainy Edinburgh!


Me 🙂

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