Posted by: Anonymous Me | October 6, 2011

Listography 2011 – Lists 20-41

Time to get caught up a bit…

20 – List the most memorable co-worker from your past.
Well, I am still friends with quite a few of my former co-workers, so of course, they are all memorable. 🙂 I guess maybe this girl from the last job I had whom I will call ‘A Kanye West Song’ who is memorable because I have never in my life met anyone so willing change herself to get what she wants from other people. Ugh. I do NOT miss her and her drama!

21 – List your least favorite smells.
Bodily waste tends to smell pretty gross. And fish. *shiver*

22 – List your favorite snacks.
OMG, I was just thinking yesterday about how DESPERATELY I want some White Cheddar Cheez-its! They are SO the crack of snack foods!

23 – List why you love your country.
Diversity, innovation, hopefulness, opportunity.

24 – List people that make you wonder “where are they now.”
Everyone I went to school with ever, and all the people who starred in TV shows or movies from the 80s.

25 – List your favorite tv dads.

Yes, please!

26 – List your summer to do’s.
Finish my dissertation! Check!

27 – List your accomplishments from the past year.
Well, I moved to Scotland and finished my dissertation. Time to find a job! 🙂

28 – List your favorite foods and things to find at a BBQ.
OMG, I LOVE barbecue! I would want a chopped beef sandwich, potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, rolls, sweet iced tea, and pecan pie. *swoon!*

29 – List some ideas for trimming back your budget.
Keep your debit card at home. Back in the day, when I had money, I would pull out $100 or so from the ATM once a week, and then I would leave my card at home, and when I ran out of cash, that was it until the next week. It actually worked pretty well!

30 – List some things you want for your home and kitchen.
I SO need a new cutting board! I also can’t wait to get my knife and utensils sets from home!

31 – List your biggest moments in pain.
No doubt, getting dry sockets after having my wisdom teeth pulled. Exposed bone is SO painful! God bless Tylenol 3!

32 – List things that freak you out.
Anything unexplained that could be attributed to the supernatural…In that same vein, when both my cats turn to look at something at the same time, and there hasn’t been a noise or anything. Gives me the HEEBS!

33 – List where your perfect road trip would take you.
Well, the trunk of the car would be full of money, and it would take me all over Europe!

34 – List your best qualities in the work place.
No backstabbing, gossiping, favoritism, overly competitive, bitchy ridiculousness. A place where management actually implements valid, feasible employee suggestions. (A place that probably doesn’t exist, I am sure!)

35 – List ten people you find fascinating.
Hmm…honestly, I am not really fascinated by people. There are people I find interesting, people I admire, and people I would like to emulate, but no one I can think of where I am desperate to know about his/her life.

36 – List who you hung out with in elementary school and middle school.
Elementary school was great because everyone hung out with everyone, from what I can remember. As for middle school, my best friend was Stephanie.

37 – List what your dream work environment would be like.
The opposite of everything listed in #34…Clear, consistent communication, challenging but doable work, supportive management, non-cliqueish co-workers.

38 – List memorable activities from your childhood.
Playing outside with my best friend, Liz or going over to her house and watching movies.

39 – List your favorite sports figures.
Well, given that my tv is in my closet (still) and they don’t really show any American sports here, I don’t actively follow anything. SO, I will say, any guy who looks good with his shirt off. I’m an equal opportunity fan. 😉

40 – List your de-stress recipe.
Green tea with honey or hot chocolate/hot apple cider or soup.

41 – List things that scared you as a kid.
The Thriller video. I watched it, but I did so while hiding behind the couch.

Share your list answers in the comments!


Me 😀



  1. #32-I’m SOOOO with you on the cat thing. If my cat or dog turn and look at “nothing”, I’m always thinking, “WHAT? What is IT???” HAHAHAHA. 🙂

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