Posted by: Anonymous Me | August 18, 2011

Mini-Update and Quote of the Week…

For the few people who follow my blog, please know I am not abandoning it…at least not permanently. I am trying to get into the full-swing of dissertation writing…Not that I’m particularly succeeding in that regard, but I am trying. SO, all that to say, I may not write very much in the coming weeks, but I promise I will eventually get back to the regularly scheduled programming. 😉 And besides that, it’s not like I have anything of interest to talk about at the moment. If I gave you frequent updates, they would all end up sounding like this: ‘Reading for my paper. SOOOOO distracted!’ and ‘I have to write a 45 page paper and I have NOTHING to say!!! Someone please get the blow darts, and put me out of my misery already!!!’ Add that to me venting my pavement rage (aka road rage for people who are walking and the pedestrians who impede them) and my desire to have ONE day where I am not cold or chilly and it’s not raining. See…you’re not missing much! Never one for excitement am I! Anyhoo…I hope you are all well and not melting in the heat wave. No threat of that here in the E. 😦 Ok, well, I am off to wrap myself in a blanket and stare out the window at the grey skies and rain.

This quote has been on my mind for some time. I figured I’d finally share it.

‘In the past few months since my mother had found a new lump under her arm, things had moved much too fast… Time wasn’t the same anymore. Doors were slamming shut before we even knew they’d been opened. Good fortune can take forever to get to you, but as it turns out, sorrow is as quick as a shot.
– Alice Hoffman, Local Girls, pg. 123





  1. Actually I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to post again but remembered you telling me about the dissertation so I assumed you were busy. What I wouldn’t give for cold rainy day right now! I’m sure your pavement rage comments would be hilarious, I can almost picture you now being aggrivated by some poor soul who isn’t aware of others around them. Miss you lots. Love and hugs from Texas. 😀

  2. Good luck on the dissertation! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find a way to look past the distractions… eventually!

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