Posted by: Anonymous Me | June 22, 2011

Quote of the Week and A Summer Quiz

I think we could all use a little levity.

from this article by Troy Patterson about Ice-T’s new reality show:

“Monogamy is the bomb,” as Ice writes in his memoir. “I live by the code: One down b*tch is worth ten funky hoes.”

True that, Ice, true that.

And since it’s the first day of summer (and the sun came out for an hour today, WOO!), how about a quiz from a new blog I’m following??!?!

1 – How hot is too hot?
To just be in – about 100. I have a pretty high tolerance. 🙂 For walking in however, I would say 70. It gets seriously grody. Yay humidity! Ugh.

2 – How many pairs of flip-flops do you own?

3 – What’s the best summer drink made from more than one ingredient?
Sweet iced tea!!!…which, p.s., they don’t have here in Britain. Go figure.

4 – What’s your favorite summer memory?
Probs visiting my dad in FL and hanging out in his backyard (aka the beach…he lived on the water). Also, lots of sleepovers at friends’ houses.

5 – At the dog park, every year, I see one or two dogs who’ve been shaved for the summer. Obviously, it’s to make them more comfortable. Do/would you shave yours?
We had a collie when I was younger (RIP, Blue!), and yes, my mom had him shaved in the summer. My brother used to get his cat shaved (RIP, Irwin!).

6 – When was the last time you ran through a sprinkler?
Oh man…since I try to avoid getting water in my ears because it will give me an ear infection (yay eustachian tube dysfunction!), it’s probably been 20 or so years. 😦

7 – Pretend I’m going on a summer vacation…What should I bring to read?
Oh man! Have we talked about _We Need To Talk About Kevin?_ by Lionel Shriver?!?! I know I’ve mentioned it a ton of times before, but it really is SOOOO good. Super intense! Also, if you haven’t jumped on the _Girl With The Dragon Tattoo_ by Stieg Larsson bandwagon yet, you totes should! It’s a great read as well!! And for something a little less intense but no less entertaining, you should try _All Over But The Shoutin’_ by Rick Bragg, especially if you’re from the South.

8 – When was the last time you made a pair of jeans into cutoffs?
Probs when I was 17 or so.

9 – Don’t you love balconies this time of year?
Absolutely! And patios! Wish I had either one! 😦

10 – Best 3-song summer playlist?

Please share your answers in the Comments!


Me 😀

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