Posted by: Anonymous Me | June 21, 2011

I Don’t Normally Advocate Punching Animals In The Face, BUT…

There’s a first time for everything.

Here’s my beef: seagulls…like a zillion of them.



Now, I fully understand that living within 3 miles of the ocean (yep, it’s that close) means dealing with large populations of seabirds. But at 3 in the morning, I would rather they SHUT THE H UP and go dive for fish or something…anything AWAY FROM ME who is trying to sleep! It seriously sounds like a bunch of sibling pterodactyls stuck in a minivan on a road trip. “Mom, he’s touching me!!” “Dad, she’s breathing on me!!” But in pterodactyl-ese.

Less like this:

“I ran all night and day…”

More like this:

“Mooooooooooom, that ash cloud is threatening to wipe out our species!!! How come Bobby gets to have toys?!?!”

I couldn’t get away.





  1. Awww. 😦 But still LOL. I hope that window is fixed now–I’m sure if it’s not then the noise only seemed louder!! Love & Hugs.

  2. This post kills me! Are you familiar with The Oatmeal? Your post title reminded me of his comic “5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth.”

    And then you made your post perfect by talking about pterodactyls! (language warning)

    (Why yes, I do have a very strange sense of humor. Why do you ask?)

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