Posted by: Anonymous Me | June 9, 2011

Brief Update…

So, I’m back in the E after 3 weeks at home. I have to say, it feels light-headed and weird, like walking outside after being in a movie theater for three hours – everything’s just like you left it, but now it’s cast in a strange glow and your eyes can’t really focus. I think it may take me a while to readjust to my old/new life.

One thing that’s is so NOT helping is the time change…Not the time change in terms of CST to BST (British Standard Time). That is no problem. The problem is the sun. The sun doesn’t fully set until 10:30 or 11 at night, and there is light in my room by 4am (!!!). It was not like this when I left. It’s making me a little crazy, and my sleep/wake schedule is super wonky because of it.

Also not helping matters is my bathroom window. When I arrived home from being away, I opened the windows to let the apt air out a little bit. Before I went to sleep, I shut them all…except the one in the bathroom, which now won’t shut. I’ve had to stuff a towel in the space to prevent all the bugs in Edinburgh from deciding to make my apt their new habitat. It also means my apt is frickin’ freezing cold. If I’m at home, I am swathed in my fuzzy blanket at all times. Once I get all of my travel detritus cleaned up and put away, a call to the landlord will be made. I swear, I am so a magnet for ridiculous circumstances. Some things never change.


Me 😉



  1. Hmmm that sleep schedule looks suspiciously familiar to me! I hope it gets better soon. Love the Narnia LOL cat!

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