Posted by: Anonymous Me | April 12, 2011

An Important Distinction, Part 2…


Peeps, I don’t know what it is about me that draws bizarre comments from people to my ears, but I am like a magnet. Let me explain.

So, the same chick that prompted this service announcement, a girl I don’t know at all but who I’ve seen around the computer lab/common room, brings this to me today:

Her: “Oh, wow. I am so jealous of your hair!”

Me: “Awww! Thanks!!!” <– me being especially grateful for the compliment as I had walked for 20 minutes in the rain, and am wearing my hair in a style I've never tried before

Her: …long pause…"I don't even know what to say to that. What should I say? I don't even feel like saying 'you're welcome.'"

Umm…what??? Am I in the Twilight Zone of compliments where they are either back-handed or spiteful?? What the H, people?? SO, with that being said, I bring you public service announcement #2:

Part 1: If you give a person a compliment, it is the complimentee's job to say 'thank you' without qualification and the complimentor's job to say 'you're welcome' without qualification.

Part 2: If you are going to give a compliment, make sure it comes from a place of happiness/goodheartedness. A compliment that originates in bitterness is unwanted. Trust me when I say you do NOT want to be one of the haters I have to shake off.





  1. I totally have visions of “Mean Girls” dancing in my head. PS~ I LOVE the dog!!!

  2. PSS~You DO have great hair!

    • Aww! Thanks, girlie!!! As do you!!! 😀

  3. I suspect she was fishing for a return compliment.

    • How so?? I didn’t compliment her back…I just said thank you. : \

    • LOL! I so misinterpreted fishing!!! I see what you’re saying now! Good point!! 🙂

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