Posted by: Anonymous Me | April 11, 2011

An Important Distinction…

A public service announcement from me (aka Me):

There is a HUGE difference between the following:

“Oh, you look so nice today!” –> Aww, thanks! Do I normally look bad?? Either way, YAY for being not ugly today! 😀

“Oh, you look so much nicer today!” –> Umm…what? Did I look fugly the last time you saw me??? Why didn’t someone tell me I looked like poo on previous occasions!??!?! Now any happiness I could have taken from feeling that I look nice today is utterly subsumed by being sad that I looked vomitous before. 😦 😦 😦

That is all.

Nicely (but apparently not every day),




  1. I am SO glad to know I am not the only who who feels this way when someone compliments me with either statement. The first statement really should just be “you look nice” because leaving off the today makes it sound so much better. And I look so much nicer?! Nicer than what? Nicer than my previously very ugly self? Amen, sister! Amen!!!

  2. I agree. “You look nice today.” I can’t even accept the compliment if that is what it is meant to be because I am thinking about how ugly I must have looked yesterday. Please people, just say “you like nice. I like that color on you.” or add something that reinforces your compliment. I would like to add something else that bothers me. The what appears to be a show of concern when someone says, “you feel alright? You look tired.” this used to happen to me when I was working. I bugged the crap out of me because most of the time when I heard this from people, I felt fine! Just saying…

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