Posted by: Anonymous Me | April 5, 2011

So Many Reasons…

Why I love anthropology…and science in general!!! *nerdy happy sigh*:

Quoted from

Perhaps the best Reddit question ever, and that’s saying something. But look at this gem of a thread:

I like big butts and I cannot lie, but is there some evolutionary reason as to why?

Some of the answers:

My homeboys tried to warn me, but that butt you got makes me so confident of your current well-being and future child-rearing potential.

My anaconda don’t want none unless you have a high likelihood of producing healthy offspring with a minimal chance of genetic disabilities, hun.

So, ladies! (Yeah!) Ladies (Yeah!)

If you wanna roll in my Mercedes (Yeah!)

Then turn around! Stick it out! Even white boys have to make sure that their partner is of high genetic caliber so they can pass on their genes successfully.

ROFL! Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud!


Me 😀

And for those who like to kick it old school:

Giddyup! 😉



  1. Cracking up! Only YOU would break down Baby Got Back and ponder the depth of Sir’s wisdom! Love it!!! PS~I don’t know what the 2nd half of your post was though because I couldn’t see it, it wouldn’t load… Happy Tuesday my Friend!

    • ROFL! It wasn’t me that broke the song down…Those were comments from a question posted on the Reddit site that was reposted at a site I frequent. I thought it was HILARIOUS which is why I had to share! I am glad you liked it!

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