Posted by: Anonymous Me | April 5, 2011

Drastic Measures, Part 2…

Well, peeps, it’s essay-writing season once again. I have one essay due on April 19th, and the other two are due April 21st. So far, I have gathered resources (books and articles) for my topics. I’ve read a little. I’ve thought a little. I’ve pondered some. I’ve mulled. And that’s about it. When it comes to motivation and discipline, I am once again not to be trusted.

The internet and DVDs are drugs. Not as addictive as the tv but seeing as the tv is in the closet, these have become my current downfall.


SO, what is to be done?? The justice meted out against these formidable foes must be swift and decisive!…Much like it was with the tv.

I am proud to report that my DVDs and internet USB stick (wireless internet device) are now residing in my locker at school. This means that if I want to access the internet, I have to come to school. I am hopeful this will serve as enough of an impetus to stir the studiousness inside me. *fingers crossed*


Me 😀


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