Posted by: Anonymous Me | March 16, 2011

It’s Strange…

When people with whom you strongly associate your youth start to pass away…I should also say that if you have no knowledge/remembrance of the mid-90s rap scene, this will all be completely unfamiliar to you…

RIP, Nate Dogg

And this news of course put me in mind of this song:

Gotta pour out some liquor for a homey…Not sure why a dragon is pouring liquor…but still…


Me 😦



  1. Nate Dogg: one of the greatest hook singers of all time. I’d pour out what I’m drinkin’ for him right now but…

    It’s an Irish coffee. Somehow I don’t find that hood enough… I already feel awkward enough listening to Reks while drinking such a uppity white drink…

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