Posted by: Anonymous Me | March 8, 2011

Me :: Peeps Photography Project – Week 5

To see what this is all about, click here. If you do not have a blog but would like to participate in the project, please e-mail me your picture and I will post along with my pic giving you credit, of course. 🙂

This week’s theme: air


Peeps (Please click on the links to see the other participants’ pics):

Thread of Truth



Buzzes Like Neon

Memoirs of KS

Next week’s theme: earth

And a question for the other participants…Do you like having the theme announced each week, or would to see several weeks’ themes all at one time? Let me know!


Me 🙂



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  2. Each week is cool with me!

  3. I wanna try and do this! I have wanted to get into photography. Hopefully, if I don’t get to busy I can get something to you before you post next weeks. Sounds fun!

    • You totally should do it!! YAY! 🙂

  4. I’m with Daydream. Each week is fun. Getting a list of themes for the next several weeks not only ruins the excitement, it also makes this project a lot less challenging. 😀

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