Posted by: Anonymous Me | March 4, 2011

Listography 2011 – List #10

List which film characters are most like your personality.

Hmm…I am sure this should be obvious to me, but really I have no idea.

If you include characters from any realm of media, then maybe…

~ Angela Chase from “My So-Called Life” – God bless, did I LOVE that show!! I 100% identified with Angela (though there was no super smokin’ Jordan Catalano in my vicinity) (speaking of Jordan Catalano…Jared Leto can dye his hair blacker than black and wear more eyeliner than Tammy Faye Bakker [may she RIP] until the end of his days…He will ALWAYS be Jordan Catalano to me. *happy sigh* ;))
~ I guess I could throw in Hermione Grainger, as I tend to be overly serious some most of the time.
~ Imrhein, the main character from The Bitterbynde Trilogy (of books) by Cecilia Dart-Thornton – When I read these, I just WAS her. It was weird. I’ve read a bunch in my life so far, and I never had the same intensity of identification with a character as I did with her.

And seriously, that’s all I got. 😦 For those peeps that know me in real life, are there characters that I remind you of?? Hook me up with the info!!! 😀


Me 😉



  1. Yea! Another Hermione! I loved My So-Called Life too! What an amazing show. I had all the episodes on videotape back before we got rid of the VCR. Should probably get the set on DVD now. I have never even heard of these books, but I should check them out, now!

    • Oh man! You should TOTES scope out the books! Some of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read based on a great, original premise! 🙂 YAY reading!!

  2. I’d forgotten about My So-Called Life…I was out of school when it was on, but I do remember some moments of connection with Angela. I’ve followed Claire Danes since then and she’s still among my favorites.

    I am stalking Beth on GoodReads and will be watching for her reviews on the Bitterbynde books…it’s been a while since I read fantasy but I used to love it.

    I have a little bit of Hermione in me, but my memory sucks and I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve ever read…. and am not nearly as brave as she is!

    • Oh man! You should SO read the Bitterbynde trilogy. It starts out with the Ill-Made Mute. It is SOOOOOO good! She incorporates a lot of Celtic mythology/fairy tales into the book, which I love. Thanks for commenting!! YAY! 🙂

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