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Listography 2011 – List #9

Ooooh, this is SO up my alley!!!

List all the (U.S.) presidents you can name.

Don’t mind if I do…In no particular order (I numbered them so I would know how many I was missing):

1 – George Washington
2 – John Adams
3 – Thomas Jefferson
4 – James Monroe
5 – James Madison
6 – John Quincy Adams
7 – Andrew Jackson
8 – William McKinley
9 – John Tyler
10 – Benjamin Harrison
11 – William Henry Harrison
12 – Rutherford B. Hayes
13 – James K. Polk
14 – James Buchanan
15 – Zachary Taylor
16 – Abraham Lincoln
17 – Ulysses S. Grant
18 – Andrew Johnson
19 – Millard Fillmore
20 – Chester Arthur
21 – Grover Cleveland
22 – Warren Harding
23 – (Howard?) Taft
24 – Theodore Roosevelt
25 – Franklin D. Roosevelt
26 – Herbert Hoover
27 – Barack Obama
28 – George W. Bush
29 – Bill Clinton
30 – George Bush
31 – Ronald Reagan
32 – Jimmy Carter
33 – Richard Nixon
34 – Gerald Ford
35 – Lyndon Johnson
36 – John F. Kennedy
37 – Dwight D. Eisenhower
38 – James Garfield
39 – Woodrow Wilson
40 – Harry Truman
41 – Calvin Coolidge
42 – Martin Van Buren

I pondered over this list for over a week to see if I could remember the last one. I finally caved and looked it up. Stupid Franklin Pierce!!! And I know I know him!! That KILLS me!!! GRR! Also, in case anyone is wondering, though President Obama is the 44th President, there are only 43 men on the list. Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms, meaning he is both the 22nd and the 24th President.


Me 😀



  1. You’re such a nerd! I ❤ it! Too funny, the little diva and I were just talking about the names and orders of the presidents literally 2 days ago!!! Must be something in the brainy air waves! 🙂

    • LOL! Guilty as charged! I don’t think I would be such a dork about it if I hadn’t found this website with different quizzes with one of them being a “Name the Presidents in 10 minutes” quiz. I used to play it ALL the time at work. I was such a good employee… 😉

  2. Man, you beat me, but now I know who I missed! I got Pierce cause he was from NH, where my mom is from. I am VERY impressed.

  3. conosci questi? le risposte domani- (spero di si!) -tu sei una nerd? veramente no! sei una donna intelligente —non dimentichi questo!

    1.Which President never married?
    a.James K. Polk
    b.Benjamin Harrison
    c.James Buchanan
    d.Martin Van Buren

    2.Name the first President born west of the Mississippi River.
    a.Ronald Reagan
    c.William Howard Taft
    d.Herbert Hoover

    3.Which man was both the 22nd and 24th President?
    a.Benjamin Harrison
    b.Grover Cleveland
    d.Rutherford B. Hayes

    4.In which movie did Nancy Reagan play opposite her husband Ronald?
    a.Bedtime for Bonzo
    b.The African Queen
    c.Rockne, All American
    d.Hellcats of the Navy

    5.Who was the first President to leave the Continental United States?
    a.William McKinley
    b.Woodrow Wilson
    d.Chester Arthur

    6.Which State has provided the most native-born sons as Presidents?
    d.New York

    7.How many men have become President because their predecessors were assassinated?

    8.Which President won the Nobel Peace Prize for his assistance in ending the Russian-Japanese War?
    a.Grover Cleveland
    c.Harry Truman
    d.Theodore Roosevelt

    9.Theodore Roosevelt insisted upon proceeding with a scheduled speech in Milwaukee despite which incident?
    a.His train arrived 2 hours late
    b.had been sick with a flu for several days
    c.He was shot outside the arena
    d.His wife Edith was rushed to the hospital

    10.Name the only President to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy.
    a.Franklin Roosevelt
    b.Dwight Eisenhower
    c.Richard Nixon
    d.Jimmy Carter

    11.Name the only President born in California.
    a.Herbert Hoover
    b.Ronald Reagan
    c.Richard Nixon
    d.James Garfield

    12.Name the first Vice President to succeed to the Presidency due to the death of the President.
    a.Martin Van Buren
    b.John Tyler
    c.Zachary Taylor
    d.Millard Fillmore

    13.Name the first President to appear on television.
    a.Harry Truman
    b.Dwight Eisenhower
    c.John F. Kennedy
    d.Franklin Roosevelt

    14.Name the man who was present as each of three Presidents lay mortally wounded by assassins’ bullets.
    a.Roscoe Conkling
    b.James Blaine
    c.Robert Lincoln
    d.Upton Sinclair

    15.Which incumbent Vice President did not win election to the Presidency?
    a.Martin Van Buren
    b.George H. W. Bush
    c.Al Gore
    d.Thomas Jefferson

    16.Which member of the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of President Kennedy later became President himself?
    a.Lyndon Johnson
    b.Jimmy Carter
    c.Gerald Ford
    d.Richard Nixon

    17.Name the only man who has been both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    a.John Marshall
    b.Woodrow Wilson
    c.Herbert Hoover
    d.William Howard Taft

    18.Name the only President to have been a Rhodes Scholar.
    a.Jimmy Carter
    b.Dwight Eisenhower
    c.Bill Clinton
    d.John F. Kennedy

    19.Name the dog made famous in Richard Nixon’s 1952 campaign speech.
    d.Laddie Boy

    20.Name the only President buried in Washington, D.C.
    a.Franklin Roosevelt
    b.Woodrow Wilson
    c.John F. Kennedy
    d.William Howard Taft

    21.While dying from cancer, he worked feverishly to complete his memoirs, so the royalties it would earn would provide for his family.
    a.Harry Truman
    b.Dwight Eisenhower
    c.James Monroe
    d.U. S. Grant

    22.Which President started the tradition of tossing out the first ball on baseball’s Opening Day?
    a.Theodore Roosevelt
    b.William Howard Taft
    c.William McKinley
    d.Warren G. Harding

    23.Which President received a ticket for speeding in Washington, D.C.?
    a.U. S. Grant
    b.Lyndon Johnson
    c.Andrew Johnson
    d.Calvin Coolidge

    24.Which President’s wife was nicknamed Lemonade Lucy for her refusal to serve liquor in the White House?
    a.U.S. Grant
    b.Abraham Lincoln
    c.Rutherford Hayes
    d.James Garfield

    25.Name the only President born on the 4th of July.
    a.James Madison
    b.Calvin Coolidge
    c.Franklin Pierce
    d.Andrew Jackson

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