Posted by: Anonymous Me | February 20, 2011

Random Questions…

An interesting question posed by the Non-Consumer Advocate

(7.) Which modern conveniences would you be able to do without? Which ones would you have to keep?

As to what I can do without…

~ TV…doing ok so far! πŸ™‚
~ a microwave…We didn’t have one in our house til I was in my early 20s. (Though they are super convenient for heating up leftovers for lunch when I’m at school!)
~ I don’t have a handheld mixer or blender.
~ I’m doing ok without a car, though that wouldn’t be feasible in every city.
~ I can live without a dryer, but it is really, really, really annoying. 😦
~ I think I could do ok without a cell phone.
~ I also think I could live without electrical hairstyling products (blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron) (which I did without until I was in college)…However, I would just look *even more* unpolished and blah than I do already every time I wore my hear down.

For what I would have to keep…

~ electricity is nice, as it helps with:
~ the water heater
~ heating/air conditioning –> which I think could be lived without, but only in very specific places with a consistently warmish climate
~ refrigerator and oven/stove
~ my laptop – since it serves as a communication tool, dvd player, stereo, and information repository
~ the internet – even if I never read another online article again, I would still need e-mail, Skype, and library access (most academic journals are only available online) (and blog, of course ;))
~ elevators for peeps who can’t climb (lots of) stairs
~ stoplights and crosswalk signals
~ I don’t mind living by candlelight, but I think it would get annoying to have to do so not only at home but in school, in the library, the grocery store, in the clothing store (though candlelight *is* very forgiving especially compared to fluorescent lighting which I think makes me look inordinately mannish. I fully support transvestites, but I don’t particularly want to look like one. :() …etc. πŸ˜‰

8. Name a song which in your mind, whatever the reason may be, recalls for you your freshman year of high school.

“Dolphin’s Cry” by Live…no dizzoubt! When this song came out, I thought it was THE JAM!!!

9. Speaking of music, how long do you think you could do without it??

I think I’ve gone up to a week when I was really depressed. However, when I’ve gone a few days without playing any music I start to feel antsy and weird.

What about you??? Please share your answers in the comments! πŸ™‚


Me πŸ˜€


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