Posted by: Anonymous Me | February 8, 2011

Me :: Peeps Photography Project – Week 1

Today starts a project inspired by the Just Me and My Dad blog. Each week, a group of us (bloggers and anyone else who wants to join in) will be posting a picture showing our interpretation of the chosen theme for that week.

This week’s theme: home.



(Please click on the links [added as they are posted throughout the day] to see the other members’ interpretations.)

Just Me and My Dad

Jedo of Thread of Truth

Daydream of Buzzes Like Neon

Beth of Beth’s List Love

Raven of Narcissistic Raven



P.S. If you are a non-blogger who would like to participate, please e-mail your picture, and I will it add to my post. 🙂

P.P.S. Week 2’s theme: clouds. Photos to be up on Tuesday, February 15th. Jedo, you are on deck to pick the theme for Week 3. If anyone else wants to pick a theme, let me know, and I will add you to the rotation. (I am keeping a list of each week’s theme and who chose it so we don’t repeat. YAY spreadsheets! :D)



  1. […] Anonymous Me ( […]

  2. Here’s mine –

    • OMG, you have a blog too!??! Don’t go holding out on me, girly!! 😉 Adding you to the blogroll presently! YAY! 😀

  3. Posting mine now!!

  4. […] Updates from the Field […]

  5. All done!!!

    It was fun!!!

  6. Mine is now up.

  7. […] Updates from the Field […]

  8. Oh, I really like the photo project idea. I didn’t get it until I clicked on several of the links in your blogroll. I may need to participate…

    • That would be great if you participated!!! Huzzah for blog buddies!! 🙂

  9. […] one, but will try to do a cloud picture some other time. This week’s theme is flame. Click here to see what this project is […]

  10. […] week’s theme is waterWater. Please. Soon.. Click here to see what this project is […]

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