Posted by: Anonymous Me | February 3, 2011

A Weather Side-Note…

I know that most of you in the lovely US of A are having to deal with some redonkulous weather right now. SNOW, SNOW everywhere!! Anyhoo…The E is seeing some fun weather too…The temperature is not bad – hovering between the mid-30s and low-40s. However, last night it thundered TWICE! The first time since I moved here in September!! Also, it’s raining with 40mph winds. A joy to walk through, let me assure you… 😉

This sort of thing happens to me all the time…

Stay safe and warm out there!!!


Me! 🙂

P.S. Some good tips from Erin at 5dollardinners, who lives somewhere in the Midwest, I think…

At 11:30, we headed for bed, bringing extra blankets with us…in case we lost power. We also brought the flashlights, phones, chargers, radio, etc. Account number for our electric company, as well as the phone number. We also cranked up the heat a few hours before the outage, so the house was toasty warm. We would be prepared!



  1. Oh good gravy, what a hairdo! I remember being in Scotland last summer and it was SO windy. The weather is definitely redonkulous. Nice word use.

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