Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 31, 2011

Me :: Peeps Photography Project

I am so excited that you guys are interested in the doing the photography project I mentioned the other day!!! Let’s get this show on the road!!

Some logistics:

~ How often do you want to post new pics?
~ How do you want to pick the topics?
~ When do you want to start?

Here are my thoughts:

~ I think posting once a week would be good.
~ I am happy to borrow the prompts from Me :: Dad, or we can vote on a topic, or we can rotate picking topics. I’m down for whatever.
~ I’d like to start this week, but I understand if that’s not possible for everyone.

What do y’all think? How do you want to get started?


Me! 😀



  1. Once a week starting now is good. Any way of picking topics works for me!

  2. ~ Go for once a week. I think we should agree on a fixed posting day.
    ~ Any topic picking method is fine, though I kinda like the rotating thing.
    ~ Let’s start ASAP! 😀

  3. Once a week for photos would be best. I really need to shoot more often so hopefully this will prompt me to do so. So what is our subject this week?

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