Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 27, 2011

Listography 2011 – List #5

For more info on Listography 2011, scope out the blog of my blog buddy, Beth.

This week’s list: Places I’d Like To Visit

Oh man! This list could be SOOOOOO long! I want to go everywhere!!!…in no particular order:

Banff National Park – Alberta, Canada

Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming


Ireland (the mother land!)

Any place associated with King Arthur – Glastonbury Abbey – Somerset, England

To see the Black Madonna in Częstochowa, Poland

Visit the Sybil’s Cave – Cuma, Greece

Petra, Jordan

The Haggia Sophia – Instanbul, Turkey

Germany to Turkey via the Orient Express…while reading Agatha Christie, of course 😉

Ok, well, that’s enough for now…This SO gives me the travel bug! 😀


Me 🙂



  1. You know I’m 100% with, with, with you!! I heart travel! I’ve been to Banff. It’s beautiful! 🙂 Wistfully dreaming as well~me.

  2. You are already in one of my places! Are you getting to do any European traveling while you are over there??? Southern France and Paris are on my places I have to get back to. And Tintern Abbey in Wales is magical somehow! And there is a great walk in Wales if you aren’t too freaked by heights: Precipice Walk, Nr. Dolgellau–I swore you could see the coastline that inspired CS Lewis’ description of Cair Paravel.

  3. Did you know my Great Gandfather was an engineer on the Orient Express? Just a useless bit of information, but thought you would like it!

    • That’s so super cool!!! Thanks so much for commenting and reading!!! YAY! 😀 Love you/miss you! ❤

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