Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 25, 2011

Two Birthdays in One!

So, today, or tonight more specifically, is Burns’ Night…A night for Scots around the world to celebrate the life, works, and birthday of Robert Burns (1759-1796), Scotland’s national poet. Last night, my school held its Burns’ Supper. It is a time for eating traditional Scottish food (haggis, neeps [turnips], and tatties [potatoes]), reading the poetry of Burns, and generally making merry. (For more info about what a Burns’ Night/Supper entails, scope it out here or here.)

Seeing as haggis entails a variety of organ meats, I opted for the vegetarian variety, which, though a contradiction in terms, was quite tasty.

(Sorry it’s so blurry!) Traditional haggis…My friend let me take a taste of hers…It just tastes greasy/fatty/salty from the suet. The orange stuff is pureed turnips which tastes like a cross between sweet potato and carrot. The white stuff is potatoes.

Vegetarian haggis…It was actually quite tasty! I believe there are lentils and maybe couscous involved.

All in all, it was a fun night! 😀

Now, for birthday #2….A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my younger bro, Matthias, who is a whopping 22 years old today! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Comments

I hope you have a SUPER day!!!!


Me! 😀



  1. There is a pub up in Mauchline (I say up in Mauchline like I drive up there from Florida on a regular basis, right?) called Poosie Nancy’s…there’s a Burns poem painted on the wall. My father had bookends that pictured this. I don’t know what ever happened to them, but when I was a little girl I loved saying Poosie Nancy’s, and I’d love to see the place if I ever get to the land of my father’s father. 🙂 Thanks for the great description! My daughter is a vegetarian so she’ll be delighed that she can be included if I ever get the gumption to put together a Burns Night.

  2. That photo makes me miss driving through the Highlands!

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