Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 25, 2011

A Capital Idea!

SO, I just thought of a GREAT way to diffuse angry, tense situations!

If you are really upset with someone and feel like arguing, you should proceed with yelling, calling names, or what have you, but only if you and the other person do the Running Man as you argue.

If the Running Man doesn’t float your boat, you could also try the Kid’n’Play:

the Cabbage Patch:

Bitchin’ side ponytail optional.

Or, if you’re feeling a little bit country, the Achy Breaky:

I firmly believe that actively doing dances from the 90s is incompatible with actively being angry. I am a genius. Tell all your friends. 😉


Me! 😀



  1. Brilliant! I plan to do this the next time an office-mate pisses me off!

  2. Aw, shoot. You don’t have facebook shares turned on. I’m gonna have to share this the hard way!

    • I will get them turned on presently! I am not on the Facebook, so I don’t think about stuff like that! Let me scope it out! 🙂 Stay tuned!

      • Ok, so after a super quick scan of the menus, I don’t know how to add in Facebook sharing. I have the box checked for including sharing options (shown at the bottom of the new post page), but it only gives a button for sharing via e-mail. Do you know how to add in Facebook sharing?

  3. […] simply have to share this.  It’s far too much fun to keep to myself, and it’s a pretty good idea.  Also, it is […]

  4. I did mine under settings > sharing. There were a bunch of icons that I drug and dropped into the box. I clicked the checkbox to include it at the bottom of the post.

    • Sweet! Done! Thanks!!!…and feel free to share at will!! 😉

  5. HA! Best idea ever. I love the running man. It’s my specialty 😉 but you are right, I can’t do it and be mad… I just have a ridiculous grin on my face. lol

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