Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 22, 2011

A Message From The Universe, Part 2

So, remember last year when I told you that when I hear songs by my fave artists when I am out and about, I feel boosted and encouraged by the Universe??? The message really hits home when it’s a random song in a random place…So, hearing Andy Williams everywhere during Christmas made me feel the love, it wasn’t quite as shocking as the Poison in the Lady Store incident.

SO, last night, I ran to my neighborhood convenience store to pick up some vittles. I was standing in line, when this song comes over the loudspeaker…I hear the first couple of notes, and I think, NO, there is NO WAY! But a few bars later, my suspicions are confirmed when I hear,

“L.A.’s fine, the sun shines most the time…and the feeling is…laid back.”

THAT’S RIGHT!! It’s the Jewish Elvis aka


Y’all, I LOVE Neil!!…Not in a sexual way, that’s grody!…I just think his songs are JAMS!!!!! I am aware of the uncoolness factor associated with my love of Neil, but I care not. *I* rock out to his music, and that’s all that matters!! I proceeded to sing all the words (under my breath because I have a REALLY bad singing voice), to the point that the cashier asked me if it was my fave song. LOL! It totally made my day! “I Am, I Said”, INDEED!!!!!



Me!! ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. chickadee, back in the day Neil Diamond was the bomb…….Check out picture on Hot August Night Album……….wow. Also check out the songs……….ouch. That’s the picture in my head that I have while listening to his jams. Granimal

  2. I, too, occasionally feel the need to rock out to Neil Diamond. I can’t help it. His songs are just so catchy!

  3. There is a terrific Neil Diamond impersonator named Bobby Palermo…I’ve been lucky enough to see him twice. When he’s “on”, he’s really on, but he tends to slip into raunchy jokes a little too often for my taste. Neil Diamond is, indeed, da bomb. I have a friend who, until his death, loved Barry Manilow…no amount of teasing or taunting could change his belief that Barry Manilow really IS music. So I think compared to that, a love of Neil is not only preferable but healthy.

    • ROFLMAO on the Barry Manilow!! That is the best story EVER! I love Neil, but I don’t think he IS music. And it’s funny, when I say I love Neil (or Andy Williams) people look at me like I mean it in a sexual way. EEEEEWWWW GROSS!!! I have NO desire to deal with old man what nots until I have to!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Every time Spirit in the Sky comes on, I get a huge grin on my face and it makes me think of my Dad in a big way. Epic.

    • Spirit in the Sky is JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE that song! ๐Ÿ™‚

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