Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 20, 2011

Listography 2011 – List #4

It’s time for another list…If you want to participate, you can scope it out the site for my blog buddy, Beth, or with one of the other peeps participating. (One of them can be found here.)

This week’s list: Leaders By Whom I Am Inspired. This is actually a tough list because there are lots of people by whom I am inspired who would not necessarily be classified as leaders, but I guess that’s another post/list…So, leaders it is!

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
~ Abraham Lincoln
~ George Washington
~ Buddha
~ Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia
~ Benazir Bhutto
~ Jesus, but not Jesus in his role as son of God or Messiah, but Jesus, the man. *To me*, his humanity is more inspiring/nuanced/interesting/compelling than his divinity.
~ the Dalai Lama (good call, Beth!) 🙂

That’s everyone I can think of leader-wise at the moment.

What about you? Which leaders inspire you??


Me 🙂


  1. Einstein, we forgot Einstein. What a great quote on your other post!!! I might go back and add Einstein and my Dad and my 3rd grade teacher.

    • Indeed! Yes, there were lots of peeps I would have added too, but it said leaders, so I left out folk like Maya Angelou and Barbara Myerhoff (an anthropologist).

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