Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 18, 2011

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good…

So, we’ve all made it through Platform 9 3/4 and are on the way to Hogwarts to start school! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

Thanks to this VERY detailed description on Wikipedia, I found the class list! My question is…which class(es) do you think you’d be best at?

Transfiguration is essentially the art of changing the properties of an object. Transfiguration is a theory-based subject, including topics such as “Switching Spells” (altering only a part of some object, such as giving a human rabbit’s ears); Vanishing Spells (causing an object to completely disappear), and Conjuring Spells (creating objects out of thin air).

Defence Against the Dark Arts
Defence Against the Dark Arts is the class that teaches students defensive techniques to defend against the Dark Arts, and to be protected from Dark creatures.

Charms is the class that teaches how to develop incantations for the uses of bewitchment.

Potions is described as the art of creating mixtures with magical effects. It requires the correct mixing and stirring of ingredients at the right times and temperatures.

Astronomy lessons include learning the names of stars, constellations and planets, and their location, movements, and environments.

History of Magic
History of Magic is the study of magical history.

Herbology is the study of magical plants and how to take care of, utilise and combat them.

Arithmancy is a branch of magic concerned with the magical properties of numbers.

Ancient Runes
Ancient Runes is a generally theoretical subject that studies the ancient runic scripts.

Divination is the art of predicting the future. Various methods are described, including tea leaves, fire omens, crystal balls, palmistry, cartomancy (including the reading of conventional playing cards and the tarot), astrology, and dream interpretations.

Care of Magical Creatures
Care of Magical Creatures is the class which instructs students on how to care for magical beasts.

Muggle Studies
Muggle Studies involves the study of the Muggle (non-magical) culture “from a wizarding point of view.”

Flying is the class that teaches the use of broomsticks made for the use of flying and is taught only to Hogwarts first years.

Apparition is the magical form of teleportation in the Harry Potter series.

Well, first off, I think I would rock at Muggle Studies which is just another term for Anthropology now that I think about it (which is what I am studying presently for those of you playing along at home ;))! After that, I would say Care of Magical Creatures because I really love animals. I would definitely be awesome at Divination as I am into that kind of thing already. After that, who knows! I would like to be good at Charms, Potions, and Herbology. I would love to be good at Flying, but after watching this video (which I peeked at from behind my hand, I was so freaked out!) I know my fear of heights would hinder my progress.

What about you? Would I see you in class, in the common room, or in the hall?


Me! đŸ˜€



  1. As a psychologist, my first one better be Muggle Studies, too, and then my second would be Care of Magical Creatures (still miss the pet care biz I used to own). After that, probably DDA and Transfiguration. I’d be a Ravenclaw, and would probably be either holed up in the library, watching quidditch (insane sports fan, here), or hanging out either in town at the pub or snuggled into a big comfy chair in the common room. Or actually, snooping around dark corners of the building, grounds, or nearby villages looking for enchanted geocaches. THAT would be fun. Boy am I a geek!

    One of my kid clients actually devised a way to play quidditch with her friends. She showed me pictures. She rocks. She sees me to explore existential issues. She REALLY rocks.

    • WOW! A kid who sees you to explore existential issues!?!? Where were you when I was younger?? She sounds awesome with her quidditch playing fabulousness!!! At Hogwarts, I definitely think I’d be studying some, in the common room a lot, or out with Hagrid and the animals. I LOVE Buckbeak, the hippogriff!!! I would SO be an animal groupie!!

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