Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 17, 2011

A Sort-Of Quiz!

Aaaah, the glories of blog buddies! I was scoping out Narcissistic Raven’s blog, and I saw that she had done something I used to do frequently. To some of my friends and former work-peeps, this will look pretty familiar! I am all about quizzes and questions as a way to learn more about people. I love share and compare type things! Thanks, Raven! 🙂

Three physical things I like about myself:
* 1. My hair

* 2. My calves

* 3. The texture of my skin

Three physical things I don’t like about myself:
* 1. My tummy

* 2. My teeth

* 3. The appearance of my skin

Three parts of my heritage:
* 1. German

* 2. French

* 3. Mexican

Three things that scare me:
* 1. Ghosts

* 2. Something bad happening to someone I care about

* 3. The contentious state of American politics

Three of my everyday essentials:
* 1. Water

* 2. Hair elastics/clips

* 3. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Three things I’m wearing now:
* 1. Teal plaid jammy pants

* 2. Teal jammy tank top

* 3. Peach fleece jacket

Three of my favorite bands or musical artists:
* 1. Def Leppard
* 2. Van Halen (as opposed to Van Hagar)

* 3. Beyonce

Three of my favorite songs at the moment:
* 1. Red Light District by Ludacris

* 2. Love Lockdown by Kanye West LMFAO remix

* 3. Video Phone by Beyonce featuring Lady GaGa

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to me:
* 1. Intelligence
 I just noticed it was physical things…Eyes
* 2. Sense of humor
* 3. Proportionate musculature

Three careers I’m considering/I’ve considered:
* 1. Anthropologist
* 2. Nurse
* 3. Massage Therapist

Three places I want to go on vacation:
* 1. Ireland

* 2. Sweden

* 3. Western Scotland on the West Highland Train line aka the Hogwarts Express!!!

Three stereotypes that describe me:
* 1. Ditsy on occasion

* 2. Not good at math

* 3. Emotional

Three geeky things I’m proud of:
* 1. It’s all about the Star Trek: TNG!
* 2. I know some big words, and I’m not afraid to use them!
* 3. My friend went to see the play “Equus” in NYC when Daniel Radcliffe was in it. We’ve had lengthy (Haha! That’s punny!) discussions about Harry Potter’s package. I’m not proud of that per se, but I’m not ashamed either. 😀


Me 😀


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