Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 17, 2011

A Follow-Up Question…

So the answers to this post got me thinking.

Do you have an animal voice you use when talking to your pets..something akin to the GooGoo GaGa voice most people assume when talking to infants and small children?

I totally have an animal voice! And because of my love of LOLs, I have also incorporated LOLcat grammar into what I say…This mainly manifests itself in the pluralization of what I’m saying. For example, I call my cat Handsomes instead of Handsome, and I tend to ask him, “What are you doings?”

This one is for you…You know who you are! 😀


Me 😀



  1. I totally have a ‘dog-voice’ but it’s something I didn’t admit until lately. I used to give my mom crap about hers, but I think everyone kind of does. I think it’s similar to the tone you use with babies. haha.

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