Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 16, 2011

I Almost Forgot!

We have a new-ish addition to the fam. When I moved into the apt in October, there was a very sad looking palm plant/tree sitting in front of the living room window. All the fronds were dead and except one, and she looked really sad. I looked up how to care for palm plants on the internet (aah!, the glories of technology!…and watering 3-4 times a week). And she’s sprouting fronds like wildfire. For some reason as I was sitting at my table/desk this morning eating breakfast, I decided to name her Gladys. So, Gladys meet world; World this is Gladys!

And I am sure most of you are thinking, “HS! This chick named her PLANT?!?!?” I promise I am not crazy, just enthusiastic. 😀


Me 🙂



  1. Wow I believe you brought Gladys back from a near death experience. Good on you Pumpkin. Granimal

    • ROFL!!! Mom, I love how you just take my total ridiculousness in stride and go with the flow! I’ve trained you well!!! 😉 Your comment has totally made my day!!! Love you!!!

      • Love you too. I really love what you refer to as your quirkiness and what I call your bestest you. You are a trip worth taking. Glad I didn’t get the baby in the blue blankie. Love Mom

        • Oh, Mom! I am totally crying sitting here on the futon listening to freaking Celtic Bagpipes!! Thank God, Danny Boy isn’t one of the songs or I would be apoplectic! That is so the best thing anyone has ever said to me! Seriously, EVER! Love you, Love you, Love you!!! You are so my #1 ALL DAY LONG!!!

  2. […] comments.  This is just so real and so sweet, and I can totally identify with granimal.     GREAT COMMENTS RIGHT HERE!   Leave a Comment LikeBe the first to like this […]

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