Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 10, 2011

Thought Experiment/Moral Dilemma…

So, you’re walking along the sidewalk/parking lot. You look down and see money laying on the ground…and by money, I mean cash, not a debit/credit card. How much cash would there have to be before you would notify someone (the police, store/restaurant management, etc.) and turn the money over in case someone had lost it?

Please note: This has not happened to me…recently or ever, so I am not asking for advice or anything. I was just wondering, à la John Quiñones, what would you do?

Leave a comment, and let me know! 🙂

Be careful what you say! John has his Turtleneck of Judgement on!


Me! 😉


  1. This is really too situational to give a generic across the board answer. A five in the grocery store parking lot could equal a good day, but a dollar on the elementary school playground could be some kid’s special Friday afternoon only snow-cone money. That’s getting turned in to the office, ’cause you know the poor guy’s gonna wind up there in tears once school’s out and he realizes he’s lost his special once a week only treat money that’s even more special because that one little snow-cone is the only time of the week his mom gives him anything even approaching love and affection.

    • Although, I could probably safely say anything larger than a five and I’m going to try to find it’s rightful owner. Just sayin’ even a single dollar isn’t always gonna be kept.

      • Okay, maybe even the five.

        Argh! Quit judging me John Quiñones!!!

  2. How broke am I?????? I found $43 in a purse with credit cards etc in it a couple of weeks back and turned that in to the customer service center for the grocery store I was in but then again it had i.d. etc in it. Had it been just $43 bucks laying there I probably would have kept it. However, having said that I stand by my original question: How broke am I??? OHHHHH and did I see anyone drop the money? TiVO does make a good point regarding some kid’s special treat money as well…. it’s all very circumstantial.

  3. I walked into Barnes and Nobles and began looking at books in front of store. First book was a cooking book by my favorite cook Nigela. On top of the book was a Barnes and Nobles gift card. I took it right to the counter. I would be sad if I lost mine. I turned it in to a clerk and she looked at my kind of funny but said thank you. I can’t keep what is not mine.

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