Posted by: Anonymous Me | January 7, 2011

The 50 Book Challenge!

Reading is and always has been a REALLY important part of my life. In fact, I often feel I am living “a reading life” aka a life centered on books. As I mentioned in the Annual Review post…I aim to read 50+ books each year. Last year, I started off strong but totally faded around mid-year. But that’s ok because each January, my desire to hit my goal is renewed! SO, in an attempt to be accountable to someone besides myself (because as we’ve seen, I have the discipline of a 7 year old), I will be chronicling (the spelling of that word looks so wrong to me, but I checked it on, and it’s right…but it looks SO WEIRD!) my efforts to reach this goal here on the blog…or at least showing my progress via the nifty counter thingy on the right hand side of the page. 😀

I would love it if you would join me in this challenge! However, I know most people don’t read that much (my friend in Def and TiVO excepted of course ;)). You can still join in! You could aim to read 1 book each month, 1 book every couple of months, or whatever might fit into your schedule.

What do you say?!?!? Are you in!?!?!!?


ME!!! 😀



  1. Good news. The Captain is reading again. Yeah!!! That should make your day. G.

  2. Se non hai letto EAST OF EDEN, per favore, lo leggi! È molto buono–buonissimo!

  3. I’m in! I seriously doubt I’ll hit 50, but it’s worth a shot.

  4. I’m in too. I dig reading.

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