Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 31, 2010


So, here in the land of Gaelic, New Year’s Eve is known as Hogmanay. Edinburgh throws a HUGE extravaganza!!! Four days’ worth of events and shenanigans…lots of tourists and happenings! You can scope it out here.

I am presently pondering over whether I should make an attempt to go or not. I have literally no money, and all the events have entrance fees. I have been thinking I could just go and wander the streets and so forth…HOWEVER, circumstances in which I don’t do well include: being overly hungry, and/or being overly tired, and/or being lost, and/or being amongst large crowds of people. Just ask my friend Jem, with whom I had a lovely trip to NYC in 2007. We had a moment in Times Square when I was on the verge of violence thanks to a severe deficit of situational awareness in the people around me. This leads me to wonder how much fun I would have surrounded by tourists. I will let you know what I decide!! 😀 myspace graphic comments
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  1. I think you will kick yourself down the road for not going. Pack some food, find a map, wear some good walking shoes, sleep in and plan to go home at a certain time, and go mentally prepared to deal with crowds and experience being in a different country!!!

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