Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 30, 2010

Reader Poll – Because I’m Curious…

SO, in honor of my friend in Def, I was pondering over how I need to do better job of differentiating my Ds and Ts when I speak. In pondering this, it occurred to me that often is one of the words where I do enunciate the T…but not everybody does. Which leads me to ask…

How Do You Pronounce “Often”?


Me! 😀



  1. Hi Me: Well, I am one of the “T” people. Now you know how really close we are.
    The other day was Boxing Day, today is cleaning out my drawers day. Lots of fun.

    Love you, The Captain

  2. GIRL, you know I’m a “T” person and have trained the wee people in my house as such as well. Another question worth pondering is do you say zero or “o” when giving someone a number. I have noticed a lot of people say “o”, it bothers me for some reason and I make every effort to say zero instead– “o” is a letter not a number people!!!

  3. OFF-tinh

  4. Oh, whups. Didn’t see the link at first, sorry. Work restrictions mess up the format on this webpage for some reason.

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