Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 16, 2010

Ugh: A Breakfast Rant…

So, I’m still at school…no sleep for the chronically late paper writing peep… 😦 Anyhoo…we have a Starbucks right across the street from my school, so needing some breakfast-y what nots, I went to the website to see what offerings would be available. You can get a huevos rancheros wrap, a ham and cheese croissant, and other decent looking morning fare. So, excited about the breakfast food extravaganza awaiting me, I mosied across the street to scope it out. They had just opened, and the guy was stocking items so I asked if they had any breakfast items available. Were there huevos rancheros? No. Was there ham and cheese? No. What did they have for breakfast? Cold marmite and cheese sandwiches…and fruit cups.

Seriously!??! Why in the name of sweet baby Jesus would I want a marmite and cheese sandwich for breakfast??!?!!? I wouldn’t!!! I know there are people out there that would, and I support them. However, what ever happened to options, people?? Starbucks, aren’t you a HUGE multi-national corporation?? WTH?! Don’t taunt me with options of warm breakfast nomminess, if there are none available!! For pete’s sake!

That is all.


ME! 😀



  1. Yuck! Marmite and cheese! Do the Scots actually eat that…gross!

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