Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 16, 2010

Late Night Rambling…

Do you ever feel proud of yourself for ridiculous reasons? For example, I just had a flash of pride because I had to look up a synonym for ubiquity…which means, I have already used a super-brainiac word, and I am now in need of an even more brainiac word so that I can reiterate my sentiments on the matter.

I know I’ve used this clip art before, but if the shoe fits… 😉

Anyhoo…my vanity didn’t last long…upon a browse of (to use it is to love it), I discovered that none of the synonyms were super brainiac-y, and I already knew most of them but in plumbing the depths of my tired brain could not find them therein. 😦 There’s a reason it’s called being stupid tired, people!


Me! 😀


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