Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 16, 2010

Early Morning Rambling…

So, I am the only person sitting in the study room now. (Don’t worry, Mom, it’s super safe!) Anyhoo…the University (and Scotland in general) are really on top of environmentally friendly technologies. For example, to save on energy usage, the lights in the hall and the rooms will go out after a certain time if the motion sensors don’t detect any movement. Since no discernible movement means more than likely no people there’s no need to have something on that’s not being used. I am all for this! However, the motion sensor does not detect the frantic flurry of fingers across a keyboard…(And if I may say, that’s not a bad use of alliteration, especially so early in the morning! ;)) So, every twenty minutes or so, I am plunged into blackness, and I have to get up and wave my arms underneath the sensor. Like I said, I have all kinds of support for energy saving devices, but how about some that aren’t creepy!!!





  1. You crack me up!! I could just picture the entire place going black and then you jumping up startled so the lights would come back on!! 🙂

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