Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 9, 2010

Not-So-Peaceful Protests…

The English Parliament held the vote today to increase tuition fees. The motion passed, and tuition fees could triple (the British say treble..??…not sure what that’s about) next year…to the equivalent of about $14,000 per year at state schools. I can’t tell from the news programs whether or not every British citizen gets a free college education or not. From the politics show that’s on presently, it seems that students don’t pay anything up front (for their undergrad degrees…not sure about post-grad)…The tuition fee increase affects the amount of money the students pay back after they’ve finished, and it’s progressive based on the salary of the student based on the job they get. What??? That idea is so completely foreign to me based on the experience I’ve had with my college education. I can understand being upset about cuts to the education budget and so forth but having to pay for your education??? I don’t know…I guess because of how much I’ve had to pay in order to obtain an education (a LOT…I will probably being paying off student loans until I think the best bra is a sweatshirt. ;)), I think this is kind of crazy. I am no economics genius, but it’s not difficult to see that free undergraduate education, especially in these economic times, is completely unsustainable. In my opinion, if there’s anything worth paying for, it’s your education…That’s why I’ve been willing to sell my soul to EdFinancial and the US Department of Education.

Anyhoo…there have been more riots in London over the vote. Run-ins with riot police, vandalism, and even at attack on a car carrying Price Charles and Camilla. They weren’t hurt, but still!!! TOTAL shenanigans! I can’t seem to get the pics to paste in here, so scope them out here.

Ok, well, enough news/soapbox from me…for the moment any way! 🙂


Me 😉


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