Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 8, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…

As you all know, the weather here has been totally shenanigans! Though it hasn’t snowed in a couple of days, conditions remain icy and treacherous because the temperatures are still so low (currently 18 degrees F) ensuring that none of the accumulation melts. This makes it fun when you’re walking in it because it’s no longer slushy and hard to walk *through* just slippy and hard to walk *on*:

Anyhoo…I would like to say I am SO thankful there’s a mini-mart two blocks from my casita! However, when I went out today to pick up a few things, quite a few of the shelves were empty. According to the news reports, this is not a unique situation. Because trucks haven’t been able to deliver (due to road conditions) since yesterday (for my store, any way) there was no bread, no potatoes, no 2% milk (but oddly, lots of whole milk?), lots of the frozen foods were gone, and quite a few other fruits and veggies. Sadly, I had my heart set on a baked potato, but it was not to be!

Don’t taunt me!

This situation reminded me of a statistic I heard once, while watching a documentary about food I think…

If for some reason transportation networks went down for an extended period of time, all supermarkets would run out of food within three days!

I feel like we should all buy farms STAT so we can started growing our own food!

LOL! Ok, well, maybe not…just an idea. 😉


Me 😀



  1. Hi Me: Scotland has been on the news a lot lately, because of the snow and cold. Don’t feel bad, it’s freezing here too. Just returned from church, Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Is it a feast day in Scotland? Did I tell you I loved your Christmas Tree? Love you, The Captain

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