Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 5, 2010

I Love Anthropology!

So, I am reading and reading and reading for my essays, as you know…Writing starts tomorrow…All three essays are due on Friday. EEK! Wish me luck!!!

Anyhoo…I am reading a book about the Nyole, a tribe in eastern Uganda, for my religion paper. I came across THE best quote, so I thought I would share:

“Kinship is like your buttocks…you can’t cut it off”.

If that isn’t the best thing I’ve heard in a minute, I don’t know what is!!!

By way of explanation, “Sometimes this popular maxim is used in contrasting kinship with friendship, which might be more enjoyable but which, unlike your backside, can be severed. Sometimes it seems to express the inconveniences of kinship obligations, which, like your posterior, are ever with you. Relations to various kinds of kin are part of your identity just as your buttocks, for better or worse, are part of your self.”
from Questioning Misfortune by Susan Reynolds Whyte; 1997, page 156

I will never think of hineys in the same way again!!!


Me 😀


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