Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 5, 2010

A Victim of Circumstance…

So, the weather has been so bad here this past week that the BBC Scotland news team put together a half hour news special about how the weather affected Scotland, what the rest of the winter may have in store, and if it’s bad, a discussion of what can do Scotland to be prepared.

Anyhoo…so, they were discussing what conditions were like around the country. In the northwest, apparently there was not as much snow as there was here. Although, now, because the temperatures are still at freezing or below, there are issues with ice. In fact, a guy riding his motorcycle lost control of it and crashed into a llama.

The rider is ok, but sadly, the llama did not make it. I would like to take a moment of silence now for the llama and its family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.


Me 😉



  1. I used to have a pet llama named Napoleon. I think he had a heat stroke in the Texas heat, and he did not make it. 😦 Poor llamas!

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