Posted by: Anonymous Me | December 3, 2010

It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

For me, Christmas is a magical time of year. One of the things contributing to the magic is of course my undying love of Christmas carols…I have about 20 CDs or 180 songs of carols that I will probably listen to a little bit at a time every day until Christmas. And one of my fave Christmas carolers EVER is celebrating a birthday today:

That’s RIGHT! It’s Andy!!! He’s 83 today and is still performing nightly at his theater in Branson, MO! You can check out his website here. I know I’m considered hokey because I like this music (and Neil’s), but I care not! I think he has a great voice!

Sing it, Andy! 😀 myspace graphic comments
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Me! 🙂



  1. Hi Me; I am a fan of Andy Williams too. Thanks for putting him on your blog. By the way, I sent you a gift for your birthday, to your Mom. So, treat yourself to something nice.

    Love ya, Captain

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