Posted by: Anonymous Me | November 29, 2010

Winter Is Upon Us!

Well, peeps, it continues to snow here in the big E!

Here’s a pic from the second day of snow:

The view from my living room

I have absolutely no desire to leave the house! I just want to stay inside, clean like there’s no tomorrow, and bake!


But alas, I still have lots of reading to do for my essays!


Anyhoo…I promised you details about what I did for Thanksgiving, so here goes!

About a month ago, the International Office at my school sent out an e-mail saying that international students could request to be matched with a “host” person/family for anything from hang-out activities to a place to go for the holidays. I figured this would be a great way to make contacts while I am here, so I immediately signed up. On Thursday, I went to class, skyped with my mom, and then that evening I got to meet my host fam for the first time!

Mimi and Fred have two boys, Phoenix, age 5, and Percy, age 3. Mimi is in her early 40s, a stay at home mom, and formerly a lawyer. Fred is an editor for a Scottish newspaper and works long hours. Fred was at work when I came over, but Mimi, knowing it was Thanksgiving, made a nice meal for us (steamed carrots, potatoes, peas, and Swedish meatballs). The boys took an immediate shine to me and I to them…They remind me a lot of my nephews, May and Cay. Mimi and I talked for quite a few hours, and the family seems really nice. We are going to try to get together at least once a month, possibly twice if our schedules allow it. I am really glad to have a resource here who can answer random questions like where can I find frozen piecrusts, and are there any good Mexican restaurants?

After that my weekend has been reading, reading, reading, and a trip to the grocery store. Woo. 😉

Speaking of reading, I’d better get back to it!

Happy Monday Mouse Pictures, Images and Photos


Me 😀

let it snow lol cat Pictures, Images and Photos


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