Posted by: Anonymous Me | November 26, 2010

White Friday!

So, I almost fell asleep on the futon a few minutes ago. I decided I should probably get into bed since I needed to brush my teeth and feed the cats anyway. I heard the cars outside, and it sounded wet, like it was raining. I just checked outside, and no rain…BUT IT’S SNOWING!!!! And not in the, “Aww! Flurries are cute!” kind of way…It’s REALLY coming down!!! The weather has been all over the news today. Places north of here already have about a foot of snow…And the cold snap is predicted to last for the next ten to fourteen days!!!

Oh man!!

I tried to take some pics, but because it’s nighttime they didn’t turn out well. I will definitely document the evidence tomorrow so you can see!

Toastily (for the moment anyway!),

Me! 🙂

P.S. On a random note…So, I was looking up clipart for “cold”…and apparently, I should have specified cold weather because I ended up getting ones for people with colds. The pic below is one of the cliparts that came up. Anyhoo…I include it here because I had to say…doesn’t this look like an artist’s rendering of Johnny Depp’s almost but not quite as hot cousin who happens to not be feeling well??? I’m just sayin’. 😉


  1. Oh my goodness, NO girl, he totally looks like Ray Liotta!!!! Cracking up!! Stay warm! 🙂

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