Posted by: Anonymous Me | November 8, 2010

Taking a Break…

Hello, peeps! I hope your Monday is going well! myspace graphic comments
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I’m just hanging out on my futon trying to get some reading done.

I hope the weather is nice where you are because here it’s cold (about 40), grey, and rainy…just generally blah! In fact, here’s what it looks like from where I am:

view from the living room window

view from the bedroom window

And speaking of pictures, here’s one of Handsomes who is either on his way to visit the Sandman, or is feeling extremely judgmental…

Lastly, here’s what it a box of home looks like:

Yep, that’s right! Someone fabulous, aka Captain Marvel, sent me a box load of goodies! I have already had two ham sandwiches involving Miracle Whip!

BIG THANKS to the Captain for her kindness and generosity! myspace graphic comments
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Anyhoo…I should probably keep this short so I can get back to the books! myspace graphic comments
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Me 😉



  1. So how is the tanning bed light working out for you? It is sunny and supposedly 73 degrees. It feels much cooler to me though. Oh and if you care the Dallas Cowboys are officially an embarrassment to yours truly. I think I’d much rather be watching the dart championship than the train wreck we have been subjected to here. Anyway love and hugs. 🙂


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