Posted by: Anonymous Me | November 1, 2010

All Saints’ Day…

Good morning, peeps! Happy first day of November…

But also:

And Happy Birthday to my cousin, Z-Man!


I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Halloween! If you got any SweetTarts, make sure you enjoy them times two since I cannot partake!

LOL! Just teasin’!…Sort of! 😉

So, I went to the Samhuinn festival last night.

It was AMAZING! When we got there about 30 minutes before everything started and were milling about when……..OMG! Zombies!

There were probably at least fifty zombies processing, as it were, down the street. I think the zombie parade was an event unrelated the Samhuinn activities. It was super neat, and certainly not something you would expect to see…even on Halloween.

Anyhoo…:) The Samhuinn event started with the Summer and Winter courts processing down the street. I guess I should probably back up and explain. The whole point of Samhuinn is the death of the Green Man (summer) to the Winter King…so basically giving thanks for the harvest and marking the fact that the sun is waning and making way for winter. It is a time to honor the those who have passed on, and it marks the beginning of the pagan New Year.

Anyhoo…I was taking pictures of the winter court drummers…

…when my camera battery died! 😦 Apparently, I need a new battery! But fear not, mes amis! Several of my friends had cameras, and we will be exchanging pictures sometime this week!

I was SO bummed out that my camera died because so much was happening! The parade was somewhat Mardi Gras-esque in that there was dancing, drumming, masks, and people on stilts. It was quite the visual feast!

After the parade was over, we all walked to the square for the performance. This was the re-enactment of the changing of seasons and the death of the Green Man at the hands of the Winter King. It was really interesting and lots of fun! It was two hours of crazy, beautiful strangeness! I can’t wait to show more pictures. It was so cool and really hard to describe!

Here’s a more detailed description of what Samhuinn is about on Wikipedia. You can check out the website of the people who put it together. They are super serious about their stuff, and they put on a great show!

I will upload new pics as they become available! Until then, enjoy your Monday! 😉





  1. I love reading your blog. Zombies walking through town. How cool is that!!! I am just so excited for you. Enjoy every minute of it. I am with you on hating to hang clothes to dry. Not fun.
    Anyway, just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and wishing you the best. Take care of yourself. You keep writing because I am looking forward to reading the first book you write. You are so talented. Yes , I am a proud aunt. Love you, girl.

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