Posted by: Anonymous Me | October 31, 2010

All Hallow’s E’en!

Good morning, peeps! Happy Halloween!

I was out grocery shopping last night when I saw a guy dressed as a Roman gladiator perusing the children’s fever medicines. I thought, “That is so strange! I must remember to mention that on the blog!” It didn’t occur to me until after I passed a girl with bloody clothes and another girl dressed as a fairy that it was the day before Halloween.

Sometimes it takes me a while, but I get there eventually! 😉


Anyhoo…I have had a list of observations about town that I’ve been meaning to share with you. So, before I get distracted yet again, here goes!

~ Edinburgh is probably not the place to live if you have a gambling problem. There are a lot of places where you can go in to place bets on sporting events, races, and the like. There are also quite a few mini-casinos…little places with a selection of slot machines. I don’t know if they have cards games, roulette, or anything since I haven’t been inside one. I don’t want to end up


~ Speaking of dens of sin…On my way home, I pass a licensed sex shop.

At first I thought it was a place to partake of legal prostitution or something, but one of the locals told me that they are places that sell sexual accessories and paraphernalia…sort of like a Condom Sense, if you will…Which isn’t so bad. Safety first, people!

~ And speaking of sex stuff, I pass the Scottish parliament building on my walk to school. The equivalent of our Department of State or Department of Justice buildings.

Anyhoo…they are much more laid back here about it than we are. There are no gates or guards or anything. Well, earlier this week, I was walking by, and sitting on the curb by the street were what could be either two vibrators or two cups in the shape of penises…one purple and one fluorescent pink…The pink one is what gave them away. You could see all the anatomical details without really getting close to them.

ANYHOO…if I had had my camera with me, I would have taken a picture as evidence. Because nothing gives a more interesting start to the day than fluorescent man parts.

LOL! 😉

~ On to the more mundane aspects of life :)…I don’t know how the weather is shaping up where you are, but we are firmly in autumn here. The leaves are changing, the high temperatures are in the low fifties, and we’ve had a good balance of sunny days and cloudy days.

Autumn in Edinburgh

When I walk to and from school, I can smell the smoke from fireplaces. It is such a lovely smell! It makes me want to walk right back home, curl up with a blanket, and drink warm apple cider!

LOL! 🙂

Sadly, my apartment does not have a fireplace though I think there are chimneys.

Either way, I really enjoy the changing of the seasons!

~ Before I forget, Daylight Savings is tonight! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Daylight Savings Graphics

Ok, well, I had better get some reading done! I hope you have a great Halloween! Be safe and eat LOTS of candy! myspace graphic comments
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I’ll let you know how it goes with the witches! 😉 myspace graphic comments
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Me! 😀


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