Posted by: Anonymous Me | October 9, 2010

Photographic Evidence…

I am sure many of you are probably wondering, as my friend BD/DC is, why I haven’t posted any pictures yet. Well…I have my camera but no camera charger. I am out of batteries so full documentation is a no-go at present. However, hopefully in the next week or two I will receive my charger (along more stuff from home) to start showing you the sights. In the mean time, I decided to take a stroll through a cemetery that’s on my way to/from school. It had some really nice views, so I took a few pictures with my laptop:

Once I do have my camera, I promise to post more so you can see what’s up!

Artistically ;),




  1. Hi Me: Great to hear from you again. Your cemetary stroll looked very interesting. Look forward to seeing the writing. Especiall interested in the section with our family’s name. My cousins spent time in Ireland and sent me pictures from the area my grand parents were born and baptized, The church still had their records and gave them copies. Write soon. Captain Marvel

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