Posted by: Anonymous Me | October 6, 2010

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It’s Wednesday, peeps! That means after lunch, if you round up…it’s the weekend!!! WOO!!!

Anyhoo…I just wanted to drop a quick note before I head to class.

Younger kids will sometimes come up to the school and be out and about practicing skateboard and bike tricks. No big deal. Well, last night I was walking to the library when I saw a couple of guys practicing their….wait for it….it’s really good, I promise!…..UNICYCLE TRICKS! No, I am SO not kidding. Three guys were on unicycles taking turns doing jumps off steps and what not. It was so weird and yet not! I have never seen anything like that before in my life! So, if you know anyone who’s interested in improving his/her unicycle talents, tell him/her to come to Edinburgh. Apparently, we have peeps! 😉

Have a super day!





  1. Hi Me: After reading all your blogs, I have decided that I am living a very boring life. But, it is so much fun, reading your blog every day.

    Love ya, Captain Marvel

  2. you could be a redneck if the last words of a family member was ” hey, watch this!” Unicycles rule!

  3. Hi Me: No blog for a couple of days. I know you must be busy, but miss you. Beautiful weather here today. I hope you get your package from Dwaine so you can take some pictures. Would love to see a picture of your apatment. How are the “kittens” adjusting to their new home?

    Love ya, Captain Marvel

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