Posted by: Anonymous Me | October 3, 2010

Welcome Home!

Hello, peeps! Greetings from the university library!

I just couldn’t make until tomorrow with no internet! I am still working on getting internet at the casita. Anyhoo…how have things been with you?? I have moved into the new place. I really like it, though there are some things to get used to. For example…in most of the UK, there are washing machines but no dryers. You just hang them on a clothes rack to let them air dry. According to the people I’m letting from, it’s imperative that the heat be on in the house or the clothes will never get dry. YAY! I am SOOO looking forward to doing my first load of clothes!!

Speaking of clothes, it was SOOO good to see all my belongings again! By the time I opened my suitcases, I literally had no idea what I’d packed. It was like Christmas morning with stuff I already own!

Another interesting thing…They have TJ Maxx. Of all the American stores to bring over, TJ Maxx??? Really?? Anyhoo…I guess there is a worldwide need for inexpensive home goods. 🙂

Speaking of shopping…I had to go and get stuff for the new place and food of course! It was the first time I have missed having a car. I had to have the grocery store call me a cab because I couldn’t walk home with everything. I felt a little silly, but when you are walking 6 bags is really the limit of what you can carry. I had about 10. 😦

But, at least I have food…now if only I could figure out the oven… 🙂





  1. Hi Me:; Soo happy to see you on the blog again. I just lugged in my groceries too. Not as far as you though.
    Glad you like your new place. Hope to see some pictures after you get settled in.
    Take care. Have a great time in Scotland.
    Captian Marvel

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