Posted by: Anonymous Me | September 29, 2010

Musings About Town

School started for me earlier this week. Oh man! There is SOOOO much reading! I don’t know that I agree with the method of assigning so much reading it is impossible to get through. But who am I to question? Anyhoo…for this post, I thought I would share with you some of my musings and observations gathered over almost a week of roaming around Edinburgh.

~ A lot of girls seem to like wearing really short skirts with tights and flats. This is not a fashion choice I would make, but it seems to be quite the trend here. A corollary to that…What is the deal with girls wearing tights with shorts?!?!? I do not understand this. Where I come from, a girl wears shorts for 2 reasons: 1-It’s hot and/or 2-So that guys will look at her legs. Well, it’s frickin’ chilly here, and a TON of girls are wearing shorts with tights…And to put the icing on the cake…A lot of times, it’s dark tights with light colored shoes. Didn’t “What Not To Wear” start out as a British show??? Maybe they didn’t get the memo?

I’m sorry random girl whose picture I found on Google, but this look is not cute to me.

~ A lot of people take their dogs on walks and have them off leash. And the dogs behave! I am not sure if this is due to the proliferation of green spaces, the proliferation of dog obedience classes, both, neither…

~ Along with the all the dogs, there are people jogging…ALL THE TIME. What is the deal with that, Edinburgh peeps?!?!? In the part of America from which I hail, there is no reason to walk anywhere because pretty much everything is far away from everything else. (Example, when I was at school in the US, I lived 15 miles away. Not a feasible walking distance if you are on any kind of time constraints.) However, in Edinburgh, there’s every reason to walk! Nothing is that far away. The store, school, home, work…It’s a within a reasonable distance. I walk at least 2-5 miles a day. So, all these jogging peeps just leave me puzzled. Maybe there’s a sale somewhere I don’t know about…

~ So, I was walking along the street the other day, and what came cruising past me but a Lincoln Navigator stretch limousine.

WTH?!? Did some American high school decide to hold their prom in Edinburgh, and y’all didn’t tell me??? I seriously expected 5 or 6 woo girls* to be hanging out the sides.
*Females (usually found in groups) who upon consuming alcohol yell WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! in response to everything. I have to give Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” credit for the term.

Something tells me Edward is going to get more than he bargained for…

~ Lastly, what is with all the KFCs??? I fully support the expansion of southern fried chicken glory as much as the next person, but one on every street?? Maybe they KFC people are in cahoots with the people who put a Dress Barn in every shopping center in America. Maybe the world needs another extra crispy chicken leg as much as it needs ever expanding access to selections of size 12 women’s sportswear. That makes sense. Evil, twisted sense, but sense nonetheless. Hmmm…

Not that this has really anything to do with what I just said…

And for some reason this has me cracking up…The look on that dog’s face says it ALL!

Lastly, I am going to check out an apartment tomorrow. Please vibe that I get it! I have got to get out of this loony bin!!! 🙂





  1. I STILL say–make this into a book–it is delishishly funny (I wanted to write “hysterical” but can’t spell it and no spell check on this darn site!)

  2. Hi Me: It has taken me a while to catch onto this blog thing. But I hope you consider my age (76). I am really enjoying your Scotland trip. Sure wish I could have done something like it in my younger age. Those 5 kids just kept me here. Love ya, Captain Marvel

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